Whatever your cutting application, there's a WARDJet AS-Series intensifier pump designed to meet your needs. WARDJet offers a full range of reliable, efficient waterjet intensifier pumps for around-the-clock operations, small prototype jobs, and every application in between. You'll find pumps engineered to meet the demands of multiple head abrasive cutting, as well as those that are ideal for water-only cutting. All WARDJet pumps are engineered to be easy to operate - and even easier to maintain.






AS-Series Features

WARDJet Control Center
A touch screen panel guides the operator through operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance logs. This lets you access the most powerful features and functions with the touch of a screen.
Built to Last
WARDJet brings decades of experience, rigorous research, and ongoing product development to everything we do. The combination of intelligent engineering and quality manufacturing add up to a pump that delivers maximum longevity and reliability.
Advanced Intensifier Technologyâ„¢ (AIT)
AIT is our exclusive technology and an integral part of the AS-Series pumps. Our unparalleled user-oriented innovations facilitate longer maintenance intervals and rapid component replacement.
Added Versatility
Equipped with high and low pressure settings (ideal for piercing brittle materials).
Enhanced Hydraulic Circuit
Kidney loop circulates oil through a heat exchanger and oil filter, away from intensifier pulsations. When the pump is in standby, the oil is cool. (Available on 50+hp pumps)
Efficient Pressure Generation
High efficiency TEFC motors deliver reliable power with minimal electric consumption. Wye-Delta soft start reduces inrush current for 50+ hp pumps.
Superior Cut Quality
Single large volume attenuator provides even output pressure to ensure optimal edge quality.
Smooth High Pressure Water
Pressure-Compensated hydraulic pumps and exclusive electronic shift technology maintain smooth ultra-high pressure water at the cutting heads.
Operation Convenience
Panel-mounted display pressure gauges allow easy monitoring of inlet water filters and hydraulic performance.
Maximum Cutting Performance
An inlet water filter system removes impurities to maximize cutting head performance. Boost pumps increase inlet water flow for 50+ HP pumps.
Remote Operation
Key switch enables all pump features to be operated and monitored at either the pump or remotely from a CNC controller.
Safe operation
Safety dump valve relieves system pressure in case of a shutdown.

Micro-SD Card Reader
Transfer pump maintenance and alarm logs quickly and easily. Download the latest WARDJet system software updates.
More intuitive than ever
Easy-to-understand graphics guide the operator through the steps necessary to operate and maintain the pump.
Password Protected
Protect your pump settings and configuration to prevent editing by unauthorized personnel.
Operation made easy
The Quick Help feature provides fast answers when they're needed most. No more searching for system manuals for basic information.
Optional Ethernet Interface
Transfer data between your WARDJet system and a network or PC. This option allows advanced remote control and remote troubleshooting.
Advanced Intensifier Management (AIM)
Built-in troubleshooting charts and detailed intensifier graphics provide rapid access to diagnostics and maintenance logs.
Check valve utilizes a screwless, low-pressure poppet design to enable quick evaluation of key contact surfaces. Feature allows for fast component replacement.
Durable threaded rod design simplifies high pressure end removal for quick seal maintenance. Non-threaded cylinder design increases reliability.
The hydraulic rod seals and plunger bearing are readily accessed from the outside of the hydraulic end cap.
Large diameter ceramic plunger produces more water per stroke with reduced friction yielding maximum seal life.
Hydraulic center section features an advanced piston design which minimizes seal wear and improves component life.
Advanced electronics provide smooth, more reliable shifting for optimum cut quality. In addition shift times are monitored for intensifier performance.