Water Recycling

Have you been avoiding water filtration on your waterjet? So have we! But no longer... WARDJet has just release our new water recycling system, the WRS-3000.

• No Filter Bags • Deionization Unlikely •

What is the WRS-3000?
WARDJet’s approach to water filtration is a 3-phase process. The WRS-3000 is phase 2 in that process, designed specifically to remove suspended solids in the water. A chiller is included for both the cooling and cutting water. If you are currently using tap water to cool your pump, the chiller can eliminate this water requirement.
Why do I need a WRS-3000?
With rising water costs and increased regulations regarding water quality that can be sent to drain, a solution is needed to allow for proper disposal or better yet, reuse, of water to avoid extra costs. WARDJet developed the WRS-3000 as an alternative to expensive and time intensive methods of Water Filtration.
How much of a difference will the WRS-3000 make?
With the proper configuration, you should expect to reclaim up to 95% of your used water. If cutting with water only, you can expect to reclaim up to 99%.
How is the WRS-3000 different from other filtration solutions?
The WRS-3000 focuses on filtering spent cutting water of materials that specifically would harm intensifier pumps used in waterjet cutting. The filtered water leaving the WRS-3000 has a quality better than most tap water, thus increasing pump seal life and the life of your high pressure components.
Is there much maintenance cost and upkeep involved in the WRS-3000?
No. Simple guages and lights alert you when there is a need to change filters. These filters are easily available and extremely affordable to replace, especially compared to expensive de-ionization methods.

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