Whether it's for metal cutting, stone cutting, composites or pure water cutting - there's probably a better way to do what you're already doing. WARDJet can help you discover how.


The WARDJet Z-Series water jets are high tolerance, ball screw driven water jet cutting systems engineered to help your water jet operation run efficiently and effectively.


The J-Series has been designed for the end user specializing in cutting materials with pure water including materials such as foam, rubber, insulation, plastic, acrylic, cloth, leather, fiber board, etc...


R-Series water jets are a combination ball screw and high precision helical rack and split pinion water jet cutting system. This combination makes R-Series water jets extremely high tolerance machines.


The L-Series is designed as a high speed, high accuracy, water only cutting system with 5-axis capability. Our linear motion control system is renowned for its excellent accuracies, placement repeatability and reliability.


RICHEL, WARDJet's sister company, is the largest reseller of used water jet equipment in the USA. If you are looking to purchase or sell a piece of water jet equipment, contact the biggest network in the industry. To see a full listing of used equipment visit the full WARDJet website.